Rowan McMullen Cheng

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  • Connecting Southern Wildlands

    Three newly-protected areas are bringing expansive wildlife habitat and recreation land to central and southern Iowa.

  • Volunteer Voices

    April is National Volunteer Month, a time to celebrate the positive impact of volunteers. For their continuous hard work this month and every month, we thank them.

  • Meet INHF's CRM Coordinator

    As CRM Coordinator, Kevin will develop and manage a new database to increase tracking efficiency and improve cohesiveness, giving INHF staff a better understanding of the relationship between donors and land projects.

  • REAP is Iowa's best conservation program

    In rural Iowa and beyond, county conservation boards and Iowa's REAP program are bringing nature to Iowans.

  • Natural Solution

    A flood-prone creek has wreaked havoc on Des Moines. New protection upstream aims to ease flooding woes.

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