Allamakee County

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About this Project

Algific slope
Allamakee County - Not open to the public

About this project

This 17-acre site contains an algific talus (or simply "algific") slope. INHF protected this property in 1990, but it's now owned and managed by The Nature Conservancy, Iowa chapter. Because of the site's fragile ecosystem, it's not open for public use.

An algific talus slope (also known as a cold air slope) is a rare and almost unknown ecosystem. The entire world's supply consists of a few hundred tiny patches in the Driftless Area of Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Illinois--and many of those sites are under threat. These slopes' unusual geology keeps them cool on the hottest summer days, so they host many species found nowhere else in Iowa-and, in some cases, nowhere else in the world.

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The Nature Conservancy - Iowa, Driftless Region

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The Nature Conservancy - Iowa - 515-244-5044 - e-mail