Wabash Trace Nature Trail

Length 63 miles
Surface Crushed limestone on converted railbed and asphalt for 2 miles in Shenandoah
Hours year-round, no restrictive hours
Fees $1.00/day or $10.00/year, passes are available at trailheads and some local businesses
Counties Mills, Page, Fremont, Pottawattamie
Cities Council Bluffs, Mineola, Silver City, Malvern, Imogene, Shenandoah, Coin and Blanchard
About this trail

The northern part of this trail runs through Iowa's scenic and unique Loess Hills, a geological formation found to this great extent only in Iowa and China. Because the trail follows an old railroad corridor, slopes are gentle throughout.

Travelers through the northern sections—from Council Bluffs to Shenandoah—are often passing under arched trees that protect users from wind and sun. South of Shenandoah, the vistas become more open, including a reconstructed prairie planted along the trail near Coin. Visitors are also apt to see wildlife and some native plants, many of which are not found elsewhere in the state.

Small sections of this trail sometimes wash out after a heavy rain, so be sure to contact the trail managers about trail conditions in advance if you're coming from a distance.

Trail Managers
Bill Hillman - 712-246-4444
Local Tourism Info
Council Bluffs Chamber of Commerce - 712-325-1000 or 800-228-6878 - e-mail
Pierce Creek Recreational Area - 712-542-3864
Shenandoah Chamber of Commerce - 712-246-3455 - e-mail
Shenandoah Tourism - e-mail
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