Honoring someone: Tributes & Gift memberships

Honor the nature-lover in your life with a tribute or gift membership: It will protect Iowa's heritage, both now and in the future.


Honor someone special to you with a contribution to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation or one of its projects. Notification of your tribute or gift membership is sent just as quickly as possible - often within 2-3 business days of receipt of your gift. We know these are heartfelt gifts, and we're honored to help you honor others in this way.

Tributes in any amount can be given:

  • In memory of a loved one who is deceased
  • In honor of someone who is still living

We'll send a notification card to whomever you choose. Tributes are generally placed with our endowment for lasting impact on our work. If you have a different purpose in mind, please contact Anita O'Gara or Cheri Grauer at 800-475-1846.


Gift Memberships

If you'd like your honoree to receive member benefits, consider a gift membership rather than a tribute gift. 

We can enroll your chosen person as an INHF member in return for your gift of $25 or more. We'll promptly send them a Welcome Packet: a letter regarding your gift, our Iowa nature calendar, and most recent INHF magazine. They'll continue to receive Iowa Natural Heritage magazine through the coming year. 

In the "Directing Your Gift" section of the online gift form, provide the name/address of your gift recipient.