Big Wall Lake Addition

Double the protection along Big Wall Lake's western shoreline. 

This block of upland habitat on Big Wall Lake’s northwest corner adds an additional 341 acres of protected land to a large emerging complex, protecting the shallow marsh for migratory birds and improving water quality.


The Frye property was planted to native grasses and forbes through CRP in 2011. This land, combined with two other adjacent land protection projects, adds a significant permanent upland buffer to DNR-owned Big Wall Lake. After a full restoration effort in 2008, Big Wall Lake is now a functioning shallow marsh and was moved off of the Impaired Waters list. The Frye Addition takes us closer to the desired 3:1 upland to wetland acre ratio and builds local momentum for critical protection to keep the marsh healthy. 

Management and restoration

This project is in the USFWS Prairie Pothole Joint Venture priority area. Furthering the protection of the remade wetlands and replanted grasslands will ensure that the migratory birds the Frye family has enjoyed for centuries will continue to thrive here. Already Sandhill Cranes and Black Terns have been seen and are anticipated to nest nearby. 

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