Biscuitroot Bluff

Sweeping views along the Loess Hills National Scenic Byway and rare Loess Hills prairie species. 

Deep in Iowa’s southwest corner of lies an expanse of newly protected remnant prairie that builds on the deepening appreciation for conserving and protecting of one of the world’s rarest landforms – the Loess Hills. 

Rosie Hall map

Make your way to the top of the ridge at Rosie Hall’s place and you’ll be met with expansive views of the Missouri River Valley. The steep peak and saddle topography holds rare prairie plants and is emblematic of the truly unique Loess Hills landscape. The Iowa DNR intends to name the property Biscuitroot Bluff and manage it as a Wildlife Management Area. They will install a parking lot, but there will be no maintained trails or buildings. 

Management and restoration

Careful management practices will keep and promote the threatened and endangered species already growing on Rosie Hall’s prairie ridges. Removal of invasive trees and prescribed fire will help protect the high-quality remnant prairie and encourage native woodland species.   

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