Garlock Slough

Garlock Slough Addition

Garlock Slough is a large natural marsh just to the south of West Okoboji Lake.

Like a giant sponge, this wetland absorbs impurities that would otherwise trickle into the waters of Iowa’s Great Lakes. Now, you can help expand protection of Garlock Slough and the water quality benefits it provides.

slough map

Preserving Iowa's Great Lakes

The wetlands surrounding Iowa’s Great Lakes play a pivotal role in keeping the lakes clean and beautiful. Marshland plants absorb excess nutrients from nearby farm fields, preventing this runoff from entering rivers, lakes or streams.

Almost 10 percent of the water flowing into West Okoboji Lake enters through Garlock Slough and its network of smaller wetlands. Right now, INHF is working with local landowners to protect 124 acres of marsh and grassland just to the south of the slough. Preserving this land will help nearby wetlands better function and make sure that their water quality benefits are fully felt.

A haven for both humans and wildlife

Appropriately, Garlock Slough is home to a slew of native birds, which thrive year-round in this lush habitat. Depending on the season, it is an ideal spot for hunters, bird watchers and nature photographers. At the same time, expanding the protected area will ensure cleaner water “downstream” in West Okoboji Lake — where thousands of Iowans travel each year to swim, relax and enjoy the outdoors.

You can help

Your gift will help preserve the quality of Iowa’s Great Lakes, which are among the state’s most popular tourist attractions. Contributions to this project will also help it compete for public and private conservation grants.

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