Gunderson Nature Park

You are invited to help protect 25 acres of woodland, prairie and wetland in Eldora.

Bob and Mary Lou Gunderson donated 25 acres of prairie, wetland and mixed woodland to Eldora for public enjoyment, wildlife habitat and water quality benefits. “We wanted a place that’s unstructured, where a kid can turn over a rock or find a frog or polliwog,” says Bob.

What’s unique about this property?

The park’s northern and eastern borders touch Pine Lake State Park, and it is adjacent to a city-owned arboretum to the south. The park’s strategic location near city streets and neighborhoods allows residents easy access to the outdoors and is a gateway to nature exploration.

Gunderson Nature Park

Management & Restoration

A paved trail loop, prairie reconstruction, tree planting and butterfly habitat have already been established with more improvements planned. The City of Eldora manages the park and is working with partners on restoration efforts.

Future of the Property

The vision for the park is a non-traditional, low-key quiet space to be enjoyed by all ages and abilities with plenty of areas to explore on and off the trail. Laying a gravel path will increase accessibility. Restoring the wetland and adding a viewing platform will open up a new environment. Adding benches along the trail invites visitors to linger and enjoy the day.

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