Wallace & Bowers Nature Area

Help protect and restore 160 acres near the northeast shore of Big Spirit Lake.

Water that flows into Big Spirit Lake is just beginning a long journey through the Iowa Great Lakes  system. What happens here affects many waters that Iowans love. This project will improve water quality in the Iowa Great Lakes, increase wildlife habitat and has the potential to expand recreation opportunities in the area. The site, which adjoins the Shore Acres neighborhood and the Trickle Slough Wildlife Management Area, lies east of MiniWakan State Park just south of the Minnesota border.

Wallace and Bowers Map

Management and Restoration:

Wallace & Bowers Nature Area will be owned and restored by INHF. Initial restoration will begin  this fall and focus on improving by reducing water flow, soil loss and nutrient runoff  into Big Spirit  Lake. Wetland restoration will take place in the northwest corner of the property, where flooding is an ongoing issue. A native prairie buffer will be planted along the southern border of the property. Alfalfa buffers will be planted next to the prairie to help with soil and water retention after rain events. Cover crops were planted this fall and the crop ground will eventually transfer to no-till management.