Strategic Plan

People looking out over the Loess Hills

As Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) reflects on the last 40 years, it’s easy to get nostalgic, recalling all of the incredible places INHF has helped protect and restore, and all of the people and partners that have made that work possible. After all, there’s a lot to celebrate.

However, as an organization that was created to ensure Iowa’s wild places will remain for years and generations to come, it is just as important — if not more — to look ahead. To take inventory of where we, and conservation as a whole, are headed.

INHF is currently in the midst of creating its next strategic plan. Once complete, this living document will serve as a guide for our work for the next five years. As we look to the horizon, here are some of the things we’re thinking about:

Inclusive Outdoors

Iowa’s outdoors should be available to everyone. However, not everyone has access to or feels comfortable or welcome in outdoor spaces. As we strive to protect, restore and create opportunities for Iowans to get outdoors, what can INHF do to reach new audiences, build relationships and forge new partnerships, particularly with people that are underserved by nature and outdoor recreation opportunities in their communities?

Resilient Lands

Iowa is already experiencing the effects of climate change. Increased precipitation and higher temperatures have contributed to extreme weather events affecting Iowa communities statewide, as have changes to our natural landscape. As we look to the future, how can the work of INHF address climate change in Iowa, and how can we make our land, water and communities more resilient to those changes?


Attitudes and approaches to conservation are changing. Some of these changes present opportunities, others challenges. All call for creativity, collaboration and ingenuity. As such, how can INHF accomplish conservation in new ways and with new partners, taking into account an ever-evolving political landscape, unprecedented shifts in land ownership, public and private resources for conservation, among other trends.

Weigh In

People who are passionate about protecting Iowa’s land, water and wildlife are at the heart of INHF's mission. We invite you to be part of INHF’s strategic planning process by taking out survey. Your answers will help inform INHF's work in the coming years. 

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