Coming Soon: INHF's 2013 Winter Magazine

By Taylor on February 12, 2013 in Blog

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The INHF communications team is excited to announce that the launch of our 2013 winter magazine! This issue of Iowa Natural Heritage focuses on the importance of public lands, an increasingly meaningful topic as only about three percent of Iowa’s land is owned by the county, state or government.

In this issue…

  • Examine public lands by the numbers with our design-driven infographic.
  • Learn how public lands impact more than just humans – their existence and preservation is crucial for animals as well.
  • Discover a new destination to get your daily dose of Vitamin N (even during the colder months).

If your copy hasn’t landed in your mailbox yet, find even more information about the winter magazine on our website. Still can’t get enough of Iowa Natural Heritage? Check out some of the great articles that ran in the 2012 fall edition.