Gift to Iowa's Future Day 2013: Parrott Gift

Posted on April 3, 2013 in Blog


Cal and Frankie Parrott are converting their 248-acre conservation farm near Carson into new public land for wildlife and recreation through the Pottawattamie County Conservation Board. The Parrotts’ bargain sale to the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation starts this process. Over many years the Parrotts have converted cropland into natural lands, including native buffers along Jordan Creek, more than 80 acres of native vegetation and forbs, and small wetland. They also improved 72 acres of mature deciduous forest and 63 acres of oak savannah. Their bargain sale helps create and protect an important wildlife area in an intensely agricultural region.

Gift to Iowa's Future

In 2008, Iowa legislators designated the first Monday in April as Gift to Iowa’s Future Day to celebrate and honor individuals, corporations and organizations that have helped permanently protect land for parks, trails, natural areas, fish and wildlife habitats in Iowa.

A number of this year’s honorees worked with the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation to help them find the right options to protect their land for conservation purposes.