Help wildlife this tax season with the Chickadee Check-off

By Rachel on December 10, 2015 in Blog


This holiday season, it’s time to give back — to chickadees and other non-game wildlife! On this year’s state income tax forms, you can help non-game diversity programs by checking off your support and contributing a donation. In the past, the money raised through the Chickadee Check-off has sponsored the restoration of the river otter, peregrine falcon and the trumpeter swan. But those are only a few of the many success stories.

The Iowa DNR lists the types of projects that the Chickadee Check-off has sponsored on their website. Here are a few events, projects and programs that the check-off has funded:

  • “Educational Wildlife Appreciation events held all over the state such as: Bald Eagle Watch Days, Pelican Fest and Prairie Chicken Day
  • Designation of Bird Conservation Areas in key areas around the state supporting increased habitat for all types of birds
  • Multiple research projects on birds, butterflies, bobcats, fish, amphibians and reptiles
  • Population monitoring of species status and populations through research projects and volunteer surveys
  • Acquisition of important lands for public use in wildlife watching, hunting, hiking and fishing”
  • Read more here

On the tax form, those wishing to donate can choose the amount they’d like to give to protect and restore non-game species and wildlife. Although still generally called the Chickadee Check-off, today’s Iowa 1040 simply refers to the term “Fish/Wildlife” fund near the end of the tax form. Though the name has changed, the mission is still the same.

For official instructions and descriptions of all the tax check-offs please visit the Iowa Department of Revenue’s website. You may also download a state tax form from their site.