Meet INHF's Volunteer Coordinator

By Taylor on February 8, 2013 in Blog

All Rights Reserved INHFWe’re not going to lie – it’s an exciting time to be working at INHF! Earlier this week we introduced you to Kerri Sorrell, now our staff is pleased to welcome Mary Runkel to our office. Mary started working as INHF’s new volunteer coordinator this week, and we’re very excited to have her!

A 2010 graduate from Iowa State University, Mary studied English and environmental studies. She spent last year working with AmeriCorps (Vista) as well as Youth and Shelter Services in Ames, where she helped recruit and train volunteers to act as mentors for young people. A nature lover after our own hearts, she started a staff “green team” while working in Ames and has helped out as a volunteer at the Neal Smith Wildlife Refuge.

When she isn’t working at INHF, Mary says,I try to have fun, see and learn new things. Sometimes use my invisibility cloak to sneak into movies. I LOVE riding my bike, running or walking outside, doing cartwheels, reading, traveling, making music with my brothers, hanging out with the people I love. Also, I eat peanut butter frequently as well as drink a lot of coffee.”