Meet INHF's 2018 Summer Interns

Posted on June 5, 2018 in Blog

Office Interns


Emily Martin | Grant Writing Intern
Hometown: Fort Dodge, IA
School: Iowa State University
Major:  Environmental Science (M.S.)
Favorite native plant/animal: Prairie Blazingstar

"I am excited to have a direct impact on communities in Iowa to provide more areas for the public to recreate."


Marc Brault | Graphic Design Intern
Hometown: Urbandale, IA
School: Des Moines Area Community College
Major: Graphic Design 
Favorite native plant/animal: Elk

"I am looking forward to getting outside for summer fun."



Samantha Jones | Communications Intern      
Hometown: Urbandale, IA
School: Drake University
Major: Magazine Media, News
Favorite native plant/animal: Red-Tailed Fox

"I'm excited to apply my writing skills to conservation and learn more about Iowa's land, water and wildlife!"


Statewide Land Stewardship Interns


Chase Brumm         

Hometown: Stacyville, IA
School: Central College
Major: Environmental Science
Favorite native plant/animal: Bur Oak

"I'm excited to explore and see different parts of Iowa that I've never seen before." 



Leslie Du

Hometown: Shenzhen, China
School: Iowa State University
Major: Animal Ecology and Forestry
Favorite native plant/animal: Sycamore

"I'm excited to see different landscapes of Iowa and to be amazed by them. I'm also excited about driving on a country lane during sunset!"

AlysonAlyson Eversman       

Hometown: Fairmont, MN
School: Northwestern College
Major: Ecological Science, Writing & Rhetoric
Favorite native plant/animal: Prairie Phlox

"I'm excited about meeting new people and just absorbing all the information I can about the prairie and the plants and animals living in it."

SabrinaSabrina Keiper

Hometown: Fairfax, IA
School: Iowa State University
Major: Animal Ecology and Forestry
Favorite native plant/animal: Honey Locust

"I'm excited to get to know my crew and camp all over Iowa. I'm also excited to see all the sights that Iowa has to offer."



Maggie Loery

Hometown: Redding, CT
School: Grinnell College
Major: Biology, Environmental Studies concentration
Favorite native plant/animal: Yucca

"I'm excited to learn more about the prairie and its history!"


JackJack Moran

Hometown: Davenport, IA
School: University of Iowa
Major: Environmental Studies and Sustainability
Favorite native plant/animal: Bluebird

"I'm looking forward to working hard to conserve Iowa's natural lands and wildlife."


JoannaJoanna Schwager

Hometown: Ames, IA
School: Iowa State University
Major: Forestry
Favorite native plant/animal: Red-Tailed Fox

"I'm looking forward to making new friends and getting to visit a variety of different areas in Iowa to help conserve and restore the natural resources."

Blufflands Land Stewardship Interns

SimonSimon Cropp

Hometown: Decorah, IA
School: Lewis & Clark College
Major: Economics
Favorite native plant/animal: Purple Cone Flower

"I'm excited to discover natural areas in my own backyard!"


JoeJoe Frieden

Hometown: Waukon, IA
School: Upper Iowa University
Major: Conservation Management
Favorite native plant/animal: Blue Spotted Salamander

"I am most excited for the knowledge of the plants and animals I'm going to gain through this internship."

BishalBishal Parajuli

Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
School: Luther College
Major: Biology, Art
Favorite native plant/animal: Baptasia

"I'm excited to get to know the natural areas of Northeast Iowa and learn the behind-the-scenes work of conservation." 

JacobJacob Schmitt

Hometown: Winthrop, IA
School: South Dakota State University
Major: Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
Favorite native plant/animal: Purple Cone Flower

"I'm most excited about learning and being able to distinguish native and non-native plants and how we can manage the land to benefit the most diverse amount of organisms."

KaitlinKaitlin Teff

Hometown: Ossian, IA
School: Upper Iowa University
Major: Conservation Management
Favorite native plant/animal: River Birch

"I'm excited to be able to work with other interns and landowners who share the same appreciation for that land as I do."