Meet INHF's 2018 Fall Interns

By Rowan McMullen Cheng on October 24, 2018 in Blog

This fall, INHF has three interns working to gain professional experience and further INHF's mission through communications, design and grant writing. Find out why Rowan, Madison and Emily are excited to work at INHF and what they are hoping to learn.

Office Interns

RowanRowan McMullen Cheng

Communications Intern

Academic Background: Environmental Science, B.S. in progress at Iowa State University

Favorite season to get outdoors: Winter. I love the crunch of snow under my boots and how fresh snow brings serenity and quiet.

Hoping to gain from the internship: Hopefully this internship will let me focus on my communications style and voice. 

Hoping to bring to the internship: Since I'm an environmental science major, I'm hoping I'll be able to include science and conservation in upcoming blog posts and magazine articles. 

"I had recently moved back to Iowa when I began volunteering with INHF a few years ago. This eventually blossomed into a community which became imperative to my sense of place and helped make Iowa my home. I wanted to extend these feelings through writing in some way." 

MadisonMadison Kelly

Graphic Design Intern

Academic Background: Graphic Design and Magazine Media, double major B.A. in progress at Drake University

Favorite season to get outdoors: Spring. I love when the plants suddenly become green again. 

Hoping to gain from the internship: Since I don't have a background in conservation, I'm hoping to learn more about environmental activism in Iowa. I'm also excited to learn how designers work within nonprofits. 

Hoping to bring to the internship: In addition to design, I'm also passionate about photography. I'm hoping to apply my background in photography for INHF!

"I love all of the work INHF is doing for our community and wanted to get more involved. Sometimes it can feel like design doesn't matter as much since it can be very conceptual, but it's wonderful to witness how coupling an important organization's mission with design can create a purposeful aesthetic that makes a positive impact."

EmilyEmily Martin

Grant Writing Intern

Academic Background: Environmental Science, M.S. completed from Iowa State University

Favorite season to get outdoors: Summer. I love hiking around prairies right when the purple prairie clover and prairie blazingstar are blooming. I love to stand still and watch the bees climb all over the flowers, filing the pollen baskets. 

Hoping to gain from the internship: I'm hoping to be able to take my future children to a piece of land some day and tell them the story of how I helped protect it. 

Hoping to bring to the internship: I hope to continue to bring a strong focus on the impact we have on water quality. I also want to continue to bring science into everything we do at INHF. 

"Working at INHF has been a dream of mine since I started studying environmental science. I feel truly honored that I get to work at an organization that has such a direct and positive impact on Iowa's environment and people daily."