Meet INHF's summer interns

Posted on June 2, 2016 in Blog

Join INHF in welcoming our summer interns! These young conservationists are hard at work in the office and in the field protecting Iowa’s wild places.

New Office Interns

Two new interns have joined our office in downtown Des Moines. Shoot them an email and say hello!

jessicaJessica Riebkes // Grant Writing
Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa
School: Central College and Northern Iowa University
Major: Graduated with a B.A. and M.S. in Biology
Favorite native plant/animal: Rough Blazingstar

“I’m looking forward to writing grants to protect properties in Iowa and learn about INHF as an organization.”

jaredJared Morford // Trails
Hometown: Watertown, South Dakota
School: Iowa State University
Major: Graduated with a B.S. in History and a MCRP (Masters of Community and Regional Planning)
Favorite native plant/animal: Coyote

“I’m looking forward to working with INHF to help expand the trails network in Iowa.”

Returning Office Interns

These two interns will continue their work with INHF this summer.

katieKatie Bandurski // Communications
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
School: Drake University
Major: Magazine journalism, minors in Marketing and English
Favorite native plant/animal: Wild Turkey

“I’m excited to explore Iowa’s natural places and learn more about conservation.”

kelseaKelsea Graham // Graphic Design
Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri
School: Drake University
Major: Graphic Design and Advertising
Favorite native plant/animal: Fox Squirrel

“I look forward to designing the INHF calendar.”

Statewide Land Stewardship Interns

These interns travel all over Iowa to manage the land at our projects. Whether restoring prairies, wetlands or savannas, they help protect Iowa’s natural beauty.

abbyAbby Walling
Iowa City, Iowa
School: Carleton College
Major: Biology
Favorite native plant/animal: River Otter

“I am excited to learn more about the ecology of my home state and help to protect the environment for generations to come!”

katelynKatelyn Behounek
Chelsea, Iowa
School: Simpson College
Major: Biology and Environmental Science
Favorite native plant/animal: Spotted Skunk

“I’m looking forward to traveling Iowa. I’ve seen a lot of the country but not as much of my home state.”

nickNick Jackosky
Lakewood, Ohio
School: Iowa State University
Major: Global Resource Systems and Environmental Science
Favorite native plant/animal: American Bison

“I am most looking forward to meeting more incredible people who care about healing and restoring our natural resources as much as I do.”

seanSean Kenan
: Grand Junction, Iowa
School: Iowa State University
Major: Animal Ecology
Favorite native plant/animal: Rattlesnake Master and Peregrine Falcon

“I look forward to seeing the unique lands that Iowa has to offer.”

rileyRiley Dunn
Martensdale, Iowa
School: Iowa State University
Major: Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies
Favorite native plant/animal: Indiangrass and American Sycamore

“I’m looking forward to seeing all the prairie plants out in the field rather than in a book.”

michaelMichael Parker
Dike, Iowa
School: Iowa State University
Major: Forestry
Favorite native plant/animal: Burr Oak and White-Tail Deer

“I’m looking forward to seeing the great areas of the state.”

austinAustin Chipps
Ankeny, Iowa
School: Central College
Major: Biology and Chemistry
Favorite native plant/animal: Hoary Puccoon and Scarlet Tanager

“I’m excited to explore the diverse Iowa landscape and learn to manage habitat.”

taylorTaylor Didesch
Chillicothe, Illinois
School: Iowa State University
Major: Animal Ecology
Favorite native plant/animal: Red Fox

“I can’t wait to see plants and animals in person and meet the landowners that really care about them!”

saraSara Vettleson-Trutza
Spring Grove, Minnesota
School: Waldorf University
Major: Biology and Psychology
Favorite native plant/animal: Land Snail

“I can’t wait to know all the prairie plants (or close to it). I know this whole experience is a great growing opportunity for me and I can’t wait to see how it changes me for the better.”

Blufflands Land Stewardship Interns

Blufflands interns focus exclusively on INHF projects in northeast Iowa, helping to restore and maintain remnant and reconstructed prairies, woodlands and oak savannas.

ryanRyan Crum
Mt. Horeb, WI
School: Luther College
Major: Environmental Studies, Policy and Politics
Favorite native plant/animal: White-Tail Deer and Indiangrass

“I’m looking forward to learning different restoration techniques, meeting and talking to landowners and  visiting/seeing the different properties.”

ericEric Young
Lowden, Iowa
School: Upper Iowa University
Major: Conservation Management
Favorite native plant/animal: Dutchman’s Breeches and Blanding’s Turtle

“I’m looking forward to gaining experience in land management and ecological restoration.”

jamesJames Ostile
Decorah, Iowa
School: Luther College
Major: Biology
Favorite native plant/animal: White Pine and American Bison

“I’m excited to learn how to properly manage and restore native habitats.”

karylKaryl Clarete
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
School: Iowa State University
Major: Environmental Science and Global Resource Systems
Favorite native plant/animal: American Bison

“I’m really looking forward to learning more about native plants of Iowa and seeing more of its natural areas.”