Positions Available: Natural Resources Technicians

By Taylor on February 5, 2015 in Blog

DSCN7869These are unique opportunities to explore some of the most beautiful and remote natural lands in the Driftless Region of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois while helping to conserve a Federally Endangered species.  Positions also an opportunity to work with INHF while partnering with the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). Natural Resources Technicians will assist the USFWS with monitoring of the Federally Endangered Iowa Pleistocene Snail (Discus macclintocki).

One eight-month technician will work with other seasonal employees and will report to the Lost Mound Unit of the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge.

Two 18-week technicians will also work with seasonal employees but will report to the Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuge.

Job duties include:

  • Monitor algific talus slopes on public and private land for the Iowa Pleistocene Snail in the Driftless Region of Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois.
  • Monitoring duties will include surveying algific talus slopes for the Iowa Pleistocene Snail and recording the number, size, and exact location of snails found.
  • Work in cooperation with Federal, State and Local Partners, as well as researchers.
  • Keep accurate records of monitoring results.
  • Assist the USFWS and INHF with additional projects, as available.
  • Serve as an essential part of the INHF and USFWS support team.

Skills and qualifications:

  • Associate degree in natural resource management, animal ecology, wildlife biology, botany, environmental sciences, landscape architecture or a related field.  Applicants would also qualify if they have similar work experience or are working towards a degree.
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Word and Excel.
  • Technicians must be able to read topographic maps and navigate to remote areas using a compass and/or GPS unit.
  • A valid driver's license is required.
  • Technicians will be required to be physically fit and able to withstand working on steep slopes and hiking several miles in all weather conditions.
  • Experience with research, dichotomous keys, Trimble GPS units, and GIS are a plus but not necessarily required.
  • The technician must be well organized, driven, willing to learn, able to work independently, and have a keen attention to detail.

Availability and employment period (8 months):

  • 40 hours/week
  • $15.15/hour
  • March 16 – November 13, 2015

Availability and employment period (18 weeks):

  • 40 hours/week
  • $10/hour
  • March 30 – July 31, 2015

Note: All three positions are hourly, non-exempt, temporary employment. Lodging and meals will not be provided.  Vehicles for work-related travel will be provided.

How to apply:

The application deadline is Friday, February 20, 2015.

Applications should include the following:

  1. Cover letter describing how your skills fit the job description and how your interests fit our organization.
  2. Resume.
  3. List of references and their contact information.

Send completed applications, including the position and location for which you are applying, electronically (PDF or Word format) to:

8 months

Drew Becker
Rock Island Ecological Services Field Office

18 weeks

Lisa Maas
Driftless Area National Wildlife Refuge