Volunteers needed at Belgum Grove

By Kerri on February 5, 2014 in Blog

- photo courtesy of Phil Peters

– photo courtesy of Phil Peters

Looking for ways to lend a hand during the winter months? Johnson County Heritage Trust is looking for volunteers to help on one of their properties in the coming weeks:

“Spring is just around the corner and we want our properties to be ready for the coming season.  We are looking for volunteers to help clear snow from ‘Lake Wayne’ at Belgum Grove, 3261 500th Street SW, Iowa City (near Hills).  The recent snowfall and future snow must be shoveled away so that light can penetrate the ice.  This enables plankton growth which in turn generates more oxygen for the fish.  This late in the winter season oxygen levels in the lake are low and the fish are at risk. As new snow falls and covers the ice, we ask anyone with some spare time and a shovel to please help out. 

Your efforts will ensure that the pond is healthy and full of life when spring finally rolls around. You may even see some of the bald eagles that frequent the area!”

Shovels at the ready! For more information on how you can help, contact Tammy Richardson of the JCHT at info@jcht.org or call 319.338.7030.