Little Sioux River Complex

Help provide water quality protection and public land along the Little Sioux River.

INHF and Dickinson County Conservation Board have been working together for several years to create a protected land complex along the Little Sioux River. With the acquisition of 3 properties near the river in Dickinson County, their shared vision is a step closer to becoming a reality.

Formerly cropland, protection of these properties ensures water quality benefits for the Little Sioux River, one of Iowa’s five Protected Water Areas. The complex is adjacent to the Dickinson CCB-owned Little Foote Forest, creating 144 acres of protected land along the river. Here, visitors can enjoy public recreation space, including areas for horseback-riding and hunting.

Management and Restoration:

Dickinson CCB and INHF will work together on managing the property, including weed management and planting permanent vegetation on the former cropland areas. INHF is currently holding the three properties until fundraising for the project is complete. Once funded, the properties will transfer to Dickinson CCB to become public land.