North Bear Creek Trout Stream

Help make a popular trout stream in Winneshiek County permanently open to the public.

Until recently, one of the state’s highest quality trout streams was conditionally open to the public based on agreements between the property owner and the Iowa DNR. Now, INHF has purchased the property with plans to transfer it to the Iowa DNR to be used as public recreation area.

trout stream

North Bear Creek

INHF purchased 113 acres along North Bear Creek. The property is adjacent to North Bear Creek WMA and features native woodland, restored prairie and large rock outcrops. North Bear Creek supports a healthy population of brown, rainbow and brook trout and is one of several trout streams designated an Outstanding Iowa Water, providing a high level of protection from regulated activities that would degrade its quality.

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Management and restoration

With wise land use and restoration, the quality of the water leaving these two properties and flowing into North Bear creek can be enhanced. Restoration will create additional terrestrial wildlife habitat, but will also benefit aquatic habitat by reducing sedimentation. This property is consistent with many of INHF’s protection goals: increasing public land acreage, protecting important natural areas (cold water trout stream), buffering existing public areas and building larger protected complexes.