Green Heron with tadpole

A green heron hunts tadpoles in Madison County

Jacob Pitzenberger

Submitting Photos to INHF

Photography plays a vital role in telling the story of Iowa’s wild places and the work Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation does. INHF appreciates the special partnership between our organization and passionate Iowa photographers for their help in promoting INHF’s mission in such a dynamic way.

INHF is a statewide, donor-supported nonprofit organization that protects Iowa’s land, water and wildlife. Therefore, we require that photographers submit photos taken in Iowa that depict the beauty and diversity of Iowa's wild places.

General Information

  • We have general and specific photo needs at all times of the year. View our current photo needs.
  • Photos of INHF project sites are given special consideration. Find INHF projects.
  • We’re interested in photos of any shape or layout. However, some projects require specific photo shapes/sizes:
    • Calendar: Must be able to be cropped to 8.5” high by 11” wide. More information on calendar photography submissions.
    • Magazine front cover: Needs to be approximately 10” high by 8” wide (Note: It is also helpful to have some “dead space” for type at top).
    • Magazine spread: Should be 10" high by about 17" wide
    • Magazine back cover: Should be approximately 8” high by 8.5” wide.

Photography Pay Rates

Please note the pay rates have recently changed.

Calendar Cover $200
Calendar month - INHF project $200*
Calendar month - Non INHF project $150*
Calendar spread (non-month photo)  $100                                     

*extra $200 if used for cover 

Magazine front cover $200    
Magazine back cover - INHF project $200
Magazine back cover - Non INHF project $150
Magazine - All other  $100                                            

Digital only (website, blog, social media) $50                                             

Large display projects  $200                  

INHF-hired photo sessions                  Individual Contracts

The donated use of photos is always welcome and appreciated. INHF will enter an in-kind charitable donation in your name and provide you an acknowledgement letter. Your gift value will be based on the pay rates above, and it may be tax deductible. Your gift makes you eligible to receive INHF member benefits.

If you submit photos to INHF, please expect to fill out a W9 in the event that your photos are chosen for publication. Without a W9 on file, INHF will not be able to use your photographs. A W9 form will be sent to you upon photo submission. If you have questions about your W9 form, you can contact Sydney Algreen-Hunter, communications assistant at or 515-288-1846.

Photo Rights

  • Individual photographers retain copyright of their work. INHF does not retain exclusive rights to any photo unless the photographer is hired to do an exclusive shoot for INHF.
  • INHF’s photo use rights: If a photo is used for a specific project, INHF may also use the photo in all subsequent materials related to the project. For example, if a photographer provides a photo for a magazine feature, INHF can also use that photo in the web version of the story, or the blog post, social media post or e-newsletter item that directs people to the story, in a PowerPoint presentation used to tell the story of that project, or in a mailed appeal asking for support for that project.
  • If INHF uses a photo again for a purpose not associated with the original use, INHF will pay for photo rights again.
  • INHF will not use photos for commercial use.

If you prefer that your photos be not used for some of the above uses (or want to talk about it first), please indicate this with your submission.

Photo Needs

We love receiving submissions from photographers across the state of Iowa's most beautiful places, creatures and natural happenings. We occasionally have a lack of certain types of images or simply would love to see more of a particular place or season.

Current photo needs

  • We always need photos showing people active in nature! 
    • Kids or multiple generations are especially welcome
    • Good settings include trails (biking, walking, etc.), outdoor education programs, hikes, camping, bird-watching, etc.
    • If the people shown are recognizable, please be sure you have their permission to submit the photo.
    • Please make sure anyone shown has appropriate safety equipment for the activity (helmets for bikers, fire gear for controlled burns, life jackets for kids in boats, etc.).
  • Seasonal photos - specifically fall and winter.  We have a shortage of our projects and of people in nature during these seasons.
  • Showcase key projects. While INHF does new projects each year, we do multiple projects in specific areas, meaning we always need new photos of these areas for our magazine and other uses.  These key project areas include:
    • Upper Iowa River
    • Mississippi River Blufflands
    • Loess Hills
    • Iowa Great Lakes
    • Clear Lake
    • Prairie pothole wetlands
  • Photos of trails are always needed. Cyclists must be wearing helmets.
  • Photos illustrating the importance of water quality are becoming increasingly important. These could include anything from a clear stream, to trout fishing, to kids playing by the water, to wildlife by water, to kayakers. Photos of people in boats should be wearing life vests.
  • NOTE: Remember, the whole picture matters. For example, if you take the perfect photo of an Iowa bird perched on a non-native tree, we probably won’t use it. Garden photos are pretty and they ARE outdoors, but they’re usually full of non-native plants so we don’t use them. Similarly, unless it’s an important part of the message, try to avoid manmade objects (i.e., power lines or fences).