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Spring Creek at Ft. Defiance State Park, Emmet County

Daniel Ruf

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Turin Prairie, Monona County

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Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Nathan Houck

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  • The Healing Power of Nature

    MAY. 28, 2020

    About a week after much of Iowa began staying home to help slow the spread of COVID-19, Chad Graeve, a natural resource specialist and park ranger for the Pottawattamie County Conservation Board, sent me this message: “I've been noticing increased usage of Hitchcock [Nature Center] all week long. We're usually pretty quiet in the parking lot during the week and packed on the weekends. This week has brought steady usage, even with rotten weather."

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  • Another Angle

    MAY. 28, 2020

    The first photo I have of myself catching trout was taken when I was four-years-old. To say that trout fishing is in my DNA would be an understatement. I primarily fly fish for trout, which is a pursuit that will humble you for failing to learn or for not learning to fail. Although it is not my only outdoor endeavor, it is by far my favorite.

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  • A Place in the Woods

    MAY. 25, 2020

    As he hikes the woodland surrounding his home one spring afternoon, Fred Weitz names each wildflower he passes. It's a trait he inherited from his mother, and an interest he's continued to cultivate over the years.

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