Image 1

Spring Creek at Ft. Defiance State Park, Emmet County

Daniel Ruf

Image 2

Turin Prairie, Monona County

Image 3

Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Nathan Houck

Protecting and restoring Iowa’s land, water and wildlife.

We’ve helped protect over 190,000 acres of Iowa prairies, woodlands, lakes and rivers and blazed the way for Iowa’s trails.

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Recent Stories

  • Acorn Crew: Birding with Kids

    MAY. 26, 2023

    Birding can be an accessible activity for many ages and abilities. Close-up views of even the most common birds can still fascinate the viewer. And since you can bird from just about anywhere and anytime of year, it's a great skill to nurture. Here's are some tips for birding with kids including how to prepare and where to go.

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  • INHF Board Spotlight: Susan Salterberg

    MAY. 25, 2023

    This blog series highlights and acknowledges our dedicated board members. Lending their time and talents on a volunteer basis for the protection of Iowa's land, water and wildlife, INHF's 34-person board is an incredible show of dedication and expertise. Meet board member Susan Salterberg.

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  • Prairie Perspectives

    MAY. 22, 2023

    Imagine Iowa's prairies in a new light — one that honors the history and illustrates the importance of this still-relevant ancient ecosystem.

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  • Meet INHF's Newest Staff Member

    MAY. 18, 2023

    INHF is excited to welcome its newest staff member, Maeve Bittle, who joins our team as the Conservation Easement Assistant.

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  • 2023 Iowa Legislative Summary

    MAY. 4, 2023

    On May 4th, the Iowa legislature concluded the 2023 session, and your voice made a difference for conservation! Read more for a full summary of the top conservation issues from this session.

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