Image 1

Spring Creek at Ft. Defiance State Park, Emmet County

Daniel Ruf

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Turin Prairie, Monona County

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Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Nathan Houck

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We’ve helped protect over 185,000 acres of Iowa prairies, woodlands, lakes and rivers and blazed the way for Iowa’s trails.

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Recent Stories

  • What to Bring on a Hike

    AUG. 16, 2022

    Whether you're traversing the flat lands of central Iowa or scaling the bluffs in the northeast corner of the state, these essentials will help get you from the trailhead to trail's end.

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  • Species Spotlight: Harvestmen

    AUG. 4, 2022

    You've likely encountered thousands of them in your life, crawling on leaves or windowsills, hiding underneath logs or creeping up trees. They're typically thought of as spindly spiders, but this—along with many other commonly held beliefs about the species—is nothing more than an urban legend.

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  • Leave only Footprints, Take only Memories

    AUG. 4, 2022

    It's a marvelous day to visit an Iowa park. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and flowers are blooming. Wouldn't it be nice to take back some of those flowers, as a way to remember this remarkable visit? As nice as it might sound, doing so is illegal.

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  • INHF Welcomes Four New Staff Members

    JUL. 28, 2022

    Please join INHF in welcoming Stacie Couvillon, Sydney Hunter, Patrick McNaughton, and Erica Place! Each brings valuable expertise to both newly-created and already existing positions.

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  • Monarch Butterfly Listed as Endangered Species by IUCN

    JUL. 27, 2022

    Researchers and homeowners are seeing fewer and fewer distinctive orange wings make their hallmark annual migration. As of last Thursday, the monarch butterfly joined the International Union for Conservation of Nature's (IUCN) red list as an endangered species.

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