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Ross Baxter, INHF

Annual Reports and Financials

Here you can find information regarding our annual reports, strategic plans and financial information. 

Strategic Plan

In 2019, INHF completed a 5-year strategic plan outlining our goals and expansion into 2024.
INHF 2019-2024 Strategic Plan

2022 Impact Report

View our 2022 Impact Report, a summary of our accomplishments from the previous year. 

Financial Statement

This document is a snapshot of INHF's audited financials from fiscal year 2022. /webres/File/Publications/FY2022_INHF_Financial%20Statement.pdf

Land Protection Report

A summary of new land protection projects and those transferred to public partners in FY22. /webres/File/Publications/FY2022_INHF_Land%20Protection%20Report.pdf

INHF's 990

Form 990 provides the public with financial information about our organization and is filed with the United States Internal Revenue Service. /webres/File/Publications/INHF%20990.pdf