Iris at Quigley-Slattery Heritage Prairie, Buchanan County

Jessica Rilling


  • Acorn Crew: Water Wonders

    JUL. 23, 2024

    Do you enjoy splashing in creeks, floating in the river, or going to the beach? You're not the only one! Next time you're by water, keep an eye out for some of Iowa's native animals that live in aquatic habitats and take our Water Wonders Bingo with you!

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  • State Symbols

    JUL. 19, 2024

    What flora and fauna do you think best represent Iowa? INHF staff and board share their picks.

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  • Meet INHF's New Volunteer Coordinator

    JUL. 18, 2024

    Rylan Boyer joins the INHF team as the new Volunteer Coordinator and is excited to continue to grow the volunteer program across the state, focusing on strategic outreach and communicating the INHF mission to all!

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  • Non-native and invasive. Are they the same thing?

    JUL. 15, 2024

    You've probably heard the terms “non-native” or “invasive.” These words were most likely used to indicate that a species is generally negative and doesn't belong. Many think that these words are synonymous, and they are often mistakenly used interchangeably. Learn the difference between this nomenclature here.

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  • Becoming the Bison

    JUL. 12, 2024

    An INHF conservation easement landowner has a new take on land stewardship with inspiration from the animals who used to roam the landscape

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