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From the Loess Hills out west to the Blufflands in the northeast, there’s a part of the state that each Iowan loves. In a time of heated division, we share a common pride for this land — our home — and a desire for a healthy, prosperous Iowa.

Growing up in Centerville, my love for Iowa was fostered by adventures on the family farm. Learning the history of the land, picking flowers from the cow pastures and spotting wildlife in the timber instilled in me a duty to preserve our natural resources.

I share my story with you in hopes that you will share yours — with state legislators, local officials and other decision makers. This guide — Nature's Advocate — is a resource. Use it to learn about the topics you care about and amplify your voice for nature in the year ahead.

Many policies impact Iowa's environment. Find information about them on this site, and also find that the solution for many of the things we care about can be addressed by finally funding the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.

It’s time to prioritize Iowa’s natural resources — join us in building a healthier and more natural Iowa.

Yours in conservation,
Anna Gray
INHF Public Policy Director

How to use this guide

Interest sections

Find the topics you’re most passionate about and learn more about the specific policies that impact them. Facts highlighted throughout the section provide significant numbers or talking points to share.

INHF recommendations

Microphone graphic iconNext to message amplifiers at the bottom of each page, you’ll find INHF’s 2019 policy recommendations. Use them as a call to action or an ask to your legislators, elected officials and policy makers.

Advocacy enhancements

Find resources for more information or ideas for how to talk to your elected officials in the sidebar for every policy area. You'll find helpful links to studies, articles and more.