Oak savanna in Iowa Snyder Heritage Farm

Snyder Heritage Farm

Carl Kurtz

Land Stewardship & Management

INHF’s work doesn’t stop when an important Iowa place is protected. INHF works hard to ensure that places with valuable natural resources are not only safeguarded, but also remain healthy and vibrant far into the future. Our land stewardship staff works year-round with volunteers and partners to restore and build native and thriving habitat for Iowa’s wildlife and people.

Our stewardship team is comprised of staff, volunteers and our annual summer land stewardship interns. We work closely with private landowners, conservation partners and stewardship experts across the state to create a lasting and important impact on Iowa’s landscapes.

INHF land stewardship practices

INHF practices a variety of restoration techniques, including prescribed fire, management planning with landowners and partners, invasive species control, prairie reconstruction and seed harvesting. Learn more about the work our stewardship team does across the state.

Want to learn more about INHF’s stewardship practices? Contact Brian Fankhauser, senior land stewardship and blufflands director, at bfankhauser@inhf.org or 563-382-2008.