Central Iowa 4-H Camp

Help protect over 1,000 acres of wildness in the heart of central Iowa. 

Stretching 1,011 acres along the Des Moines River Valley, the former central Iowa 4-H Camp, formerly known as the Iowa 4-H Center and most recently as Clover Woods Camp and Retreat Center, offers a sense of wildness in the heart of central Iowa unlike any other.

In addition to the cabins and facilities used by the campers, the camp contains woodland cloaked hills and valleys, more than a dozen miles of hiking trails, an impressive assortment of native plants and wildlife, stunning views of the Des Moines River Valley, and ancient Native American burial mounds.

The Iowa 4-H Foundation, which had run the camp since the 1940s, listed the camp for sale in 2019 citing declining attendance and a desire to support other 4-H programming around the state. Protecting the camp's natural resources was INHF's first priority. The camp was split into 12 parcels for the sale, and INHF made an offer on and ultimately purchased the entire property.

Clover Woods Map

Management & Restoration

INHF is currently working with its public and private partners to envision the future of the central Iowa 4-H Camp, including ownership, management and the most appropriate public use. The property is currently closed to the public. No public hunting is allowed at this time.