High Trestle Trail to Swede Point Park Connection

Photo by Justin Rogers

High Trestle Trail to Swede Point Park Connection

This 2.1-mile connection between the High Trestle Trail and Swede Point Park will offer opportunities to enjoy breathtaking scenery, explore distinct habitat types and camp along the Des Moines River valley’s east ridgeline.

The connection from High Trestle Trail to the Swede Point Park boundary is partially complete.  The remaining unpaved section is within Swede Point Park and would provide access to the Hidden Prairie trailhead, the main park entrance, and the campground near the bluff. 

Situated along the Des Moines River valley’s east ridgeline, Swede Point Park boasts 128 acres of habitat, several hiking trails and 42 camp sites that will allow trail users to set up camp and explore the ever expanding central Iowa trail network - including the spectacular High Trestle Trail Bridge. 

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Proposed Route

A portion of the High Trestle Trail to Swede Point Park Connector is is complete, including a combination of advisory bike lanes along QF Avenue and hard-surfaced, separated side paths that follow Highway 210 and QM Avenue in Boone County to the park. Within the park, the proposed extension will follow a low impact alignment just outside the treeline from the south park boundary (where the trail ends now) north to the park entrance then west to the campground.

Swede Point Park Connection

About the Boone County Trails Initiative

The Boone County Trails Initiative was founded in 2011 connect the county’s communities, citizens and visitors to its  amazing outdoor assets. Once complete, the plan will connect the City of Boone to the world-famous High Trestle Trail near Madrid, Iowa, an approximately sixteen-mile extension of one of the state's most popular trails. Along the way, trail users will encounter a mix of agricultural land, open prairie, woodland and start, stop at rest points in Ledges State Park, the Iowa Arboretum and Swede Point Park.

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