Laurens Trail Connection

Laurens Trail Connection

This 2.2-mile connection will help create a 35-mile corridor across Pocahontas County, linking other trails in the region.

The 2.2-mile former railroad corridor will extend the existing 1.9-mile Laurens Trail southeast of the City of Laurens. Both the planned and existing trail are part of the Pocahontas County Trails Plan, which seeks to connect the existing 40-mile Three Rivers Trail in Pocahontas, Humboldt and Wright counties. Once completed, the planned corridors will nearly double the continuous trail’s length.

Laurens Trail Connection

“Someday this will be part of a regional trail system perhaps extending to the Iowa Great Lakes.”
– Jeffrey K. Ives, Chairman, Pocahontas County Board of Supervisors

About the Plan

Pocahontas County Map

The Pocahontas County Trails Plan identifies eight priority corridors consisting of more than 35 miles of bike trails, paved shoulders and trail amenities. It is part of a 25 year vision for trail development in the region that will connect Wright County to Buena Vista County. The plan places an emphasis on connectivity to developed areas and attractions within the county, and will complement the beautiful landscape and natural surroundings while connecting residents and visitors to the region.

Project Status

Gifts will assist with land acquisition, development and maintenance.

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