Katy Heggen

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  • Gaining Ground

    Park and trail usage has increased exponentially across the country in recent months as people continue to look for safe spaces to exercise, decompress and connect with nature, and Iowa is no exception.

  • All Things Considered

    When Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation purchased the 1,011-acre former Central Iowa 4-H camp near Madrid late last September, for many, the moment was bittersweet. It marked both an end, but also a new beginning. One that was filled with possibility.

  • A Place in the Woods

    As he hikes the woodland surrounding his home one spring afternoon, Fred Weitz names each wildflower he passes. It's a trait he inherited from his mother, and an interest he's continued to cultivate over the years.

  • A Place to Remember

    Woodland cloaked hills and valleys are awash with native flora and fauna. More than a dozen miles of hiking trails wind past stunning scenic overlooks and sacred spaces. Prairies of native grasses, forbs and wildflowers offer a glimpse into Iowa's past and nature's resilience.

  • Work of a Lifetime

    Good things come to those who wait. Better things come to those who go in search of them. Such seems to be the case for Ray and Patti Hamilton. It was in this way that the couple found and fell in love with Codfish Hollow Hill Prairie, 60 acres of remnant and reconstructed prairie-covered hills and wooded valleys east of Maquoketa in Jackson County.

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