6 nature podcasts you should be listening to

By Katie on February 19, 2016 in Blog


Photo courtesy of Patrick Breitenbach

Listen up: it’s time we talk about podcasts. These episodic audio shows are taking the Internet by storm with the likes of Serial and Radiolab, but here at INHF we challenged ourselves to find the best podcasts for nature enthusiasts.

Whether you’re just starting to subscribe or have been on the bandwagon for years, we hope you’ll find a program that piques your interest.

If planting is your passion:
Tune into “You Bet Your Garden” with Mike McGrath. This Philadelphia-based podcast features call-in questions from gardeners across the country, and also features a “Question of the Week” around which the episode revolves. Past topics include growing your own mistletoe, taking care of a hornets nest and managing an overgrown burning bush. Listen to the latest episode here.

If you’re a news-savvy environmentalist:
Each week, Steve Curwood of Public Radio International tackles major headlines and dynamic stories across the nation that impact the environment. From the Flint, Michigan water crisis to the extreme el Niño weather system to a whiskey spill in a Scottish river, “Living on earth” examines how events both big and small affect our planet. The show also goes beyond the headlines and explores ongoing environmental issues, such as light pollution. Catch this week’s episode here.

If you’re a horticulturist at heart:
Tune in to Iowa Public Radio’s “Talk of Iowa” each Friday when the show is based around horticulture and features the “Hort Gang” from Iowa State University. Host Charity Nebbe brings in experts from across the state to talk Iowa plants. Past topics include seed catalogs, cover crops and fall perennials. Learn more here.

If you long to live on another planet : 
Explore the final frontier and listen to “Space” by BBC World Service. Each episode features stories, opinions and debates from experts around the world. Learn how to survive in space or take a trip around Mars–the entire galaxy is only a click away. Check it out here.

If animals understand you better than people:
“Animal Instinct” is a show promoting animal welfare and education. Host Celia Kutcher interviews animal experts on a variety of topics, ranging from refugees making the journey with their pets to vegan fashion. Check in each week to better understand ways to help and interact with animals. Tune in here.

If you live for adventure: 
Fitz Cahall and the folks over at “The Dirtbag Diaries” have been recording for 10 years, and each episode shares inspirational, intriguing and adventurous stories. Whether you enjoy hiking, biking, climbing, skiing or dreaming–this podcast will re-ignite your inner explorer. Episodes vary in length and theme, but each is sure to entertain. Listen here.