6 ways to make Earth Day last

By Kerri on April 24, 2013 in Blog

Greetings, everyone! Here at INHF, we know that Earth Day isn’t just a holiday – it’s a way of life. To celebrate, I compiled six easy, sustainable steps to help make every day eco-focused for home-owners and lowly college students alike!

1. Reuse food containers

I go through cups of yogurt like nobody’s business. After I’m done, I rinse the cups out and save them for packing trail mix and other snacks during the day.


2. Shop at farmers markets or sign up for a CSA

Spring is (maybe) here, meaning the Des Moines farmers market is just around the corner. Buying from local sources is good for the environment and Iowa’s economy. Better yet, sign up for a CSA and enjoy fresh fruits & veggies every week, all summer long.

3. Air dry laundry

There’s nothing that’s been better for my wallet throughout college than skipping the dryer. Put natural light and wind power to work to save on energy bills and quarter-locating.


4. Power strips

Not only are power strips handy for plug-concentrated areas, they also reduce the amount of ghost energy consumption in your house.

5. Place trash & recycling close together

This is a pretty simple one: by placing the trash can and the recycling bin in the same area, the incentive to ignore the recycling is taken away. This mind trick is especially important for lazy college students.


6. Get a home energy audit

Insider tip: Most energy companies offer free energy audits to customers (it’s important to them, too!). In the audit, they’ll identify leaks and offer suggestions to make your house as efficient as possible. Go online or call your provider for more information.

What are some quick ways you make your daily life green?