852 acres added to Sedan Bottoms Wildlife Management Area

By INHF on September 16, 2016 in Blog

Nestled in southern Appanoose County, Sedan Bottoms Wildlife Management Area is a protected paradise. Prairies, oak savannas, forests and floodplains along the Chariton River make up this unique natural haven.

Two recent INHF acquisitions — a 736-acre addition and a 116-acre property — are part of a large land transfer to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources that added 852 acres to the northern part of the WMA. 

One of the additions is a mix of oak-hickory woodland, grassland and remnant prairie. The land hosts several plant and wildlife species, including milkweed, Indiangrass and the federally endangered Indiana bat. The land, like the rest of Sedan Bottoms, provides ample avian habitat. The site is a Bird Conservation Area (BCA), and several species, including those of Greatest Conservation Need, find a home here. Visitors have the chance to spot one of the 253 species recorded at the BCA, including Red-headed woodpeckers, Cerulean warblers and Bobolinks.

The other property lies adjacent to the addition, and restoring it will restore an additional 60 acres to native, upland habitat — which is critical for ground nesting birds. Restoration will also positively impact water quality and reduce soil erosion. The land is excellent habitat for deer, turkey, neotropical migratory birds and other non-game species. 

Both additions are open to the public for hunting, bird-watching, hiking and exploring.