Become an Iowa Plant Expert

By Samantha Jones on August 28, 2018 in Blog

Bee balm

Bee Balm
Photo by Nathan Houck

Summer is an amazing time to explore Iowa's outdoors and learn about the plant life that makes up its landscapes. It can be tricky to identify plant species in the wild, but with the help of some handy references, you can master the craft in no time. 

Iowa Prairie Plants

An Illustrated Guide to Iowa Prairie Plants
By Paul Christiansen and Mark Muller

An easy-to-use manual complete with technical illustrations, this guide is a staple of any good conservation book collection. This guide provides a detailed look into Iowa's tallgrass prairie landscape.

Forest and Shade Trees of Iowa

Forest and Shade Trees of Iowa
By Peter J. Van Der Linden and Donald R. Farrar

A comprehensive guide to the native and and introduced tree species in the state, this book is full of helpful, detailed photos to aid in identification. Written by two Iowa legends, this guide has been a go-to for conservationists for years.


Wildflowers of Iowa series
By Sylvan T. Runkel, Alvin F. Bull and Dean M. Roosa

 Looking for knowledge in all of Iowa's landscapes? This series covers all types of woodland, prairie and wetland wildflower species found in Iowa.