Create a Monarch Waystation at home

By Kerri on May 13, 2014 in Blog

Butter Fly Milkweed

In recent years, Monarch populations throughout North America have dwindled. Scientists believe that a major cause of this decline is the loss of native habitat. During their migration, Monarchs feed and lay eggs on different varieties of milkweed, a plant native to Iowa. Without the plant, the Monarch population may be devastated.

How can you help? has started a program to create certified Monarch “Waystations,” personal areas of native milkweed to help re-establish Monarch populations locally. The website offers guides, seeds and instructions for individuals hoping to help the effort. Find more information about the program.

Want more information about the different varieties of milkweed? Find the perfect species to plant in your garden, courtesy of The American Gardener.