DIY Garden Markers

By Taylor on June 27, 2013 in Blog

garden markers final

In Iowa, the weather is finally beginning to resemble summer!

That means it's the time of year tomatoes, peppers and all sorts of leafy greens will transform a patch of dirt into an inviting vegetable garden!

For gardeners eagerly waiting for plants to grow, try this do-it yourself project. Making some plant garden markers will help you pass the time and keep track of all the different plants.

What you'll need:

  • Large wooden spoons (roughly 10 inches long)
  • Pencil
  • Piece of sandpaper
  • Fine paint brush
  • Small can of paint suitable for outdoor, wood surfaces
  • Rag

Depending on the size of the garden and number of plants you'd like to mark, you may need to adjust the quantity and size of materials.

Lightly sand the top of the each spoon where the plant name will go. Then wipe with an old rag to remove any dust left on the spoon.

Write out the plant name in pencil on the spoon as you would like it to look. Get a small amount of paint on the fine paint brush, preferably one intended for small details, and carefully trace over the penciled word(s).  Use the rag to clean up any paint that drips.

If you are feeling artistic, use the extra paint to add cool designs.

Leave the spoons in a dry place, lying flat on the side opposite the painted words.  If you plan to paint both sides, do one side and come back later to do the other.

Once dry, place by the appropriate plant and let them guide you through your vegetable patch!

Idea is from a combination of different garden marker projects. You can see a version of this and many more at