DIY: Reusable T-shirt totes

By INHF on August 15, 2012 in Blog

Now you can help save the environment and look stylish while doing your grocery shopping with this easy do-it-yourself T-shirt tote bag.

What you’ll need:

  • An old T-shirt – the bigger the shirt, the bigger your grocery bag
  • Scissors
  • A safety pin
  1. Lay the T-shirt flat and cut off both sleeves. Cut each sleeve into two, one-inch wide pieces. Snip the loops to create fabric strips and stretch slightly.
  2. Cut a large circle out of the neckline of your T-shirt. Tip: Use a plate or bowl as a guide so your edges are even.
  3. Along the bottom hem of the T-shirt cut eight, evenly spaced vertical slits (one on each side and three across the front and back of the shirt respectively.
  4. Attach the safety pin to the end of one of the strands created from the T-shirt’s sleeves. Beginning on the left side of the shirt thread the string into the front-left slit along the bottom hem. Continue through the side and back-left slits, creating a looped, closed edge. Repeat on right side of the T-shirt.
  5. Thread a string through the front-center slit, then through the slit directly to the left, followed by the loop created on the left side of the t-shirt and back through the back-left and back-center slits. Repeat on the right side of the T-shirt.
  6. Pull each section until tight and double knot strings.

Original tutorial found here.