Explore Iowa: Waterman Wildlife Addition

Posted on June 9, 2016 in Blog


A major grant from the state REAP program has secured this high-quality prairie and river habitat— a critical linking piece in the Waterman Prairie Complex.

A Crown Jewel of northwest Iowa

The northwestern corner of Iowa is known for its distinctive combination of natural features—extensive prairie remnants, scenic glacial bluffs, and steep, wooded river valleys. The convergence of Waterman Creek and the Little Sioux River stands out as one of the crowning jewels of this varied and beautiful region. The swiftness of the current where the two waterways meet is strong enough to keep the water from freezing during even the coldest winters. As a result, the area draws a phenomenal number of migrating and wintering birds—especially birds of prey!

The Waterman Wildlife Addition will permanently protect the confluence point of the waterways, plus almost a mile of the Little Sioux River.

A Valuable Educational Resource

The Waterman Wildlife Addition is visible from the observation deck of O’Brien County’s Prairie Heritage Center! The Center is the Conservation Board’s headquarters, and it is a hub for environmental education within the county. The Waterman Wildlife Addition connects the Center to the Little Sioux River. It will be a valuable resource for county naturalists, who are already looking forward to taking classes there to learn about the prairie and observe the astounding array of birds.

Moreover, the Wildlife Addition will connect the Waterman Prairie Complex, increasing the amount of protected prairie and river habitat.