Five Facts About Bald Eagles

By Taylor on January 16, 2013 in Blog

Photo by Ty Smedes

Photo by Ty Smedes

The bald eagle has become an iconic symbol of all things American. Though the eagles’ populations have grown significantly in the past decade, the bald eagle is still listed as a threatened species.

But how much do you really know about this nationally beloved bird? For instance, did you know that this time of year is the perfect opportunity to watch the skies for these majestic birds?

Did you know…

  1. The average bald eagle’s lifespan is roughly 28 years.
  2. The largest bald eagle nest on record was found in St. Petersburg, Florida and measured 9.5 ft wide and 20 ft high, weighing more than two tons.
  3. Instead of the bald eagle, Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be the turkey.
  4. The bald eagle loves eating fish – but these birds are known for going after the catches of other creatures.
  5. Bald eagles are one of the few species of birds that mate for life.

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