Fun Fall Happenings on INHF Properties

By Taylor on October 12, 2012 in Blog

At INHF, we’re passionate about conservation. But without the dedication of our members we couldn’t accomplish any of our great projects that make Iowa a better place to live.

We love to share these projects with you! Check out some of the cool autumn happenings on properties our members helped protect:All Rights Reserved INHF

Winneshiek County

INHF’s Erin Van Waus recounts a recent experience whene she got an up-close look at some of Iowa’s coolest critters:

“While monitoring the Marx Conservation Easement last week in Winneshiek County, I encountered a momma otter with her three pups. I crouched down in the grass, so I wouldn't scare them and took these photos. They looked like they were having a nice leisurely morning stroll. I'm sure they were thinking, ‘Thank you INHF and others for protecting our habitat and water quality.'”

All Rights Reserved INHF

Kossuth County

Last Monday Jon Judson, who works with Diversity Farms, helped INHF combine Bernau Prairie in Kossuth County using Gary Bernau's combine. Gary donated the use of the combine and even ran it for the first hour.

“The harvest was a great success, and the seed will be used to help plant the INHF’s Wildin North CRP this fall, located two miles away from this remnant,” says Joe McGovern, land stewardship program director at INHF. “You can't get much more local than that!”