Headed for the Hills

Posted on August 21, 2020 in Blog

Tim Sproul

For more than 40 years, Tim Sproul has been making conservation happen in the Loess Hills.
Tim spent the first 33 years of his career as director of the Harrison County Conservation Board. He retired from that role in 2011, but as is often the case with those who seem to be born with a love for the land ingrained in their very being, Tim’s hiatus from conservation was short lived. For that, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation (INHF) will always be thankful.

Tim joined INHF as a Loess Hills Land conservation consultant in 2011, bringing with him a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of the region that runs as deep as the roots of the prairie. For nearly a decade, he has worked on INHF’s behalf with landowners, partners and supporters to find creative solutions to permanently protect Iowa’s Loess Hills, one project at a time.

Tim has always led in an understated way. Offer him a compliment on a job well done, and he’s quick to respond with one in kind. But his impact on these hills — and the whole state — is undeniable. It can be seen in the relationships he’s formed with those who share his love of this unique landscape, in the insight he’s provided on INHF’s work across the state, and of course, on the land itself.

This spring, Tim announced he would retire (for the second time) from his position with INHF at the end of June. He shared these words with staff in his announcement:

“It has been an honor to help carry the torch to protect and restore Iowa’s land, water and wildlife. To meet every day passionate people who want to preserve a family legacy, share a God given gift with the public or to work and nurture a better condition for the lands they own.

“There is a conservation spirit; a conservation ethic, a passion to leave this land better, more diverse and resilient in Iowa, and INHF is leading those efforts with compassion, integrity and respect.”
Tim and his wife, Cindy, who retired from nursing at the beginning of April, are looking forward to spending more time together and with their eight grandchildren, teaching them to love and respect Iowa’s natural resources. We thank Tim and wish him and his family all the best as they look ahead to what lies around the next prairie draped hill.

INHF had hoped to host a gathering celebrating Tim’s retirement this spring, but given the COVID-19 situation, that was not possible. If you would like to send words of appreciation and well wishes to Tim, you may do so at tsproul71@gmail.com.