Help protect Turin Prairie

By Kerri on December 26, 2013 in Blog

When we dream of great projects, we imagine one like this. This 425-acre addition to the Turin Loess Hills Preserve and Wildlife Management Area will ensure the permanent protection of important prairie and wildlife habitats in the heart of one of Iowa’s natural treasures. Help us bring this project to fruition.


With this addition, you have the rare opportunity to protect nearly 200 acres of native Iowa prairie in the heart of the Loess Hills, adjoining a state preserve, all visible from a national scenic byway. The 425-acre addition creates a 1,000-acre complex of protected natural land!

To learn more about the Turin Prairie site, including descriptions about its amazing natural qualities and unique habitats, visit our website.

To learn how you can contribute to protecting such an important piece of Iowa’s natural history, either through donation or through tribute, visit our Network For Good donation page.

If you have any questions about this project or about your donation, contact Anita O’Gara at 515-288-1846 or