High Trestle Trail wins 2013 American Trails' Trails and the Arts Award

By Taylor on June 20, 2013 in Blog

High Trestle Trail-3809L

The High Trestle Trail Steering Committee and partners, including the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation and trail and bridge designers (Snyder and Associates, Shuck-Britson and RDG Dahlquist Art Studios), were awarded the Trails and the Arts Award for their work on the High Trestle Trail on April 19, 2013. The award was given at the 21st American Trails' International Symposium in Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, Arizona.

This award recognizes outstanding public art projects, interpretive signs, or other creative structures associated with trail related improvements.

Opened April 30, 2011, the one-half mile, 13-story High Trestle Trail Bridge connects Iowa cities, Woodward and Madrid, located on either side of the Des Moines River on a 25 mile portion of the 670-mile Central Iowa Trail System.

High Trestle Trail-3790LThe stunning success was artistically enhanced by Des Moines area public artist David D. Dahlquist with a team of designers from RDG Planning & Design. The design pays homage to the area's history of coal mining with dark bands that represent geologic coal veins found in area limestone deposits in the 42-foot artistic towers on either side of the bridge and 41 steel “frames” over the bridge that represent support cribs within a historic coal mine.

American Trails nominated the High Trestle Trail because the dramatic structure has become an icon for the Iowa trail system. It draws over 500 visitors daily during spring and summer and has been featured in multiple publications, including American Trails Magazine, Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Magazine, and Landscape Architecture Magazine.

Now that it's cycling season, take a trip to the world famous, award-winning High Trestle Trail Bridge to see its beauty for yourself!