INHF Board Spotlight

Posted on April 10, 2023 in Blog

INHF Board Spotlight

This blog series highlights and acknowledges our dedicated board members. Lending their time and talents on a volunteer basis for the protection of Iowa’s land, water and wildlife, INHF’s 34-person board is an incredible show of dedication and expertise. INHF board members come from every region of the state, connecting our work with communities, landowners and organizations that help to make more conservation happen. See a full list of board members here.

Jeff Lockwood

Head shot of Jeff Lockwood, INHF board memberWhile he grew up in Charles City, Jeff Lockwood spent considerable time at his family’s cabin in northeast Iowa. Hunting for deer, turkey and morels, Jeff built an appreciation for Iowa’s natural beauty, and vividly remembers shooting his first rooster pheasant with his father. It’s his love for nature that brought him to INHF. “[I value] water quality and open spaces for all to enjoy so they can experience the natural beauty of Iowa,” Jeff reflected.

Jeff remains an active community member after retiring from a career in banking. Among other volunteer roles, he joined INHF’s board in 2017, citing that the organization has a “great group of members from all around the state.” And while there’s opportunity for travel as part of his board duties, he still has a soft spot for northeast Iowa and Heritage Valley remains his favorite INHF project.