INHF Board Spotlight: Paul Easter

Posted on July 14, 2023 in Blog

INHF Board Spotlight

This blog series highlights and acknowledges our dedicated board members. Lending their time and talents on a volunteer basis for the protection of Iowa’s land, water and wildlife, INHF’s 34-person board is an incredible show of dedication and expertise. INHF board members come from every region of the state, connecting our work with communities, landowners and organizations that help to make more conservation happen. See a full list of board members here.

Paul Easter

headshot of paul easter

Born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa, Paul Easter has spent nearly all his life in Iowa’s capital city committed to the family’s businesses. Easter has been a part of many INHF projects since his term began in 2009.

Childhood summers spent with his brothers and grandparents in a cottage on Clear Lake were formative, and this large, spring-fed lake in Cerro Gordo County remains his favorite outdoor place.

That love for big spaces must play into why Heritage Valley is Easter’s favorite INHF protection story. Purchased in 2007, the nearly 1,200-acre property situated above rocky bluffs along the Upper Iowa River is beloved among many INHF staff and supporters. “It was a large project for INHF to take on then,” Easter remembers.  “[We were able] to protect a fairly large area of natural land.” Learn more about this protection story.