INHF Board Spotlight: Vern Fish

Posted on January 24, 2024 in Blog

INHF Board Spotlight

This blog series highlights and acknowledges our dedicated board members. Lending their time and talents on a volunteer basis for the protection of Iowa’s land, water and wildlife, INHF’s 33-person board is an incredible show of dedication and expertise. INHF board members come from every region of the state, connecting our work with communities, landowners and organizations that help to make more conservation happen. See a full list of board members here and learn more about Vern Fish below!

Vern Fish

Vern Fish

Vern Fish, born and raised in Perry, Iowa, is a native Iowan who “loves his Iowa heritage.” After working several decades in the county conservation system and retiring as Executive Director of Black Hawk County Conservation, Fish understands the value of Iowa’s wild places. He joined INHF’s board in 2012.

Also serving as the Black Hawk County Soil & Water Conservation District Commissioner, on the board of directors for Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa and as president of Friends of Wabakimi Provincial Park, it’s clear that nature plays a big role in Fish’s life. “I want to protect and preserve our remaining natural areas and try to create big blocks of Iowa ‘wilderness’ for us all to enjoy and explore,” Fish explains. He enjoys hiking, skiing and paddling Black Hawk Creek that runs through Waterloo where he now resides, and also serves on the board of Black Hawk County YMCA.

Fish took an active role during the fundraising efforts to protect northeast Iowa’s Heritage Valley and eastern Iowa’s Cedar Valley Nature Trail, which he cites as his favorite INHF projects, working to get people outside to experience the wonder of nature for themselves. “The next generation should have wild, clean, free-flowing streams, prairies, wetlands and forests to enjoy and explore.” Fish said. “INHF is the one organization that can pull all of the pieces together to make this happen.”