INHF staff grows in 2019

By Rowan McMullen Cheng on January 1, 2019 in Blog

A new year means new additions to the INHF staff. Starting in January 2019, two familiar faces are joining INHF fulltime.

Anna GrayAnna Gray joins INHF as the new Public Policy Director. Anna started with INHF as the Mark C. Ackelson Fellow during summer 2018. Anna will continue her work as INHF’s liaison to state legislators, leaders and decision-makers to make Iowa’s natural resources a state priority.

An Iowa native, Anna grew up on a family farm near Centerville Iowa, which instilled respect for the land and for all it sustains. Anna earned her law degree from Drake University in 2017 after earning her undergraduate degree from Iowa State University in Agricultural Business and Economics. She enjoys advocating for Iowa’s land, water and wildlife.

“I’m looking forward to building INHF’s reputation as a leader in conservation policy and as a knowledgeable, reliable resource for state legislators long into the future,” Anna said. “It’s exciting to get out into communities to build that reputation, grassroots support and local partnerships so we can all make the best decisions.”

Emily MartinAdditionally, Emily Martin joins INHF as the new Conservation Programs Coordinator. Emily has been INHF’s grant writing intern since May 2018. Emily will help INHF’s fundraising efforts by expanding and researching more grant opportunities.

Also an Iowa native, Emily earned her Masters in Environmental Science from Iowa State University. She enjoys building partnerships, promoting sustainable conservation practices and restoring natural areas. She particularly enjoys working on water quality issues.

“While it may be something small that I’m doing today, years from now that could save an entire lake and positively impact a lot of people,” Emily said. “I’m really looking forward to including more people in the conversation and being more attentive and intentional with our land.”

Please join us in welcoming Anna and Emily to the INHF staff!