Intern Orientation

By Taylor on June 19, 2014 in Blog

On Wednesday, May 28, INHF hosted an intern orientation at Jennett Heritage Area in Story County. Interns, including myself, attended.

We started off the day by splitting into groups and learning about the different roles INHF employees, donors, and supporters play into the foundation’s mission, while touring the Jennett area. Since not all of the interns interact with each staff member on a daily basis, this allowed us to learn all the different aspects that go into the organization.

After lunch, Andrea Piekarczyk, program and development assistant, gave the interns a drawing lesson. Andrea taught us the technique of contour line drawing. With this drawing technique, we drew objects in nature by looking at the lines they created and conveying them to paper without lifting our pencils. Then, after we drew the lines, we learned different shading techniques and the importance of shading light areas first and  darker areas later.

For those interested in drawing tips, contact Andrea

Here are some of the drawings that interns made.

Derek Miner Sketch

Photo courtesy of Derek Miner

Charley Cunningham Sketch

Photo courtesy of Charley Cunningham

Adam Graves Sketch

Photo courtesy of Adam Graves

Kelsey Clampitt Sketch

Photo courtesy of Kelsey Clampitt

Here are photos from the day.