Intern Update: Hannah Howard

By Taylor on June 27, 2014 in Blog

Hannah Howard

Hannah Howard – 2013 Land Stewardship Intern

“Growing up I always had the interest to be a park ranger, be outside, and to lead hikes,” said Hannah Howard. “But, as I became more educated in conservation during my first year at Iowa State, I realized that I wanted to be in more of a management and education type of field. I wanted to make an impact. That is why I chose to be an INHF land stewardship intern.”

Hannah grew up in Muscatine, Iowa, and has lived there her whole life. She gained her interest in preservation and conservation through her family. Between going on camping trips with her parents and working on her grandparents’ farm, she was always out getting her hair tangled and hands in the mud.

Last year, Hannah interned at INHF as a land stewardship intern. After college she wanted to travel west and find an odd job, but through this internship she learned that conservation throughout Iowa is important and that people are really needed here who have a passion for protecting Iowa’s natural heritage.

Today she works at Trees Forever as a Southeast Iowa Field Coordinator.

“Even though I have only been working here for a couple months, I was really excited because I was able to dive right in and use my background and knowledge from INHF’s internship to teach people about conservation,” Hannah said. “I have always made it a point to make sure I am thinking positively about conservation and the future and to pass that on to people.”

Hannah is currently taking Iowans who are interested in conservation on prairie tours. She hopes these Iowans will take what they learn and use the information to benefit their property or community. To learn more about the program, click here.